Carol Emmott Fellowship


We provide a unique and necessary opportunity for outstanding women leaders in health to access powerful support networks and resources, accelerate their careers, and make a lasting impact where it counts.


Our objective is simple: empower exceptional women leaders poised to leave a mark on health. In so doing, we bring together the brightest voices in the health field whose work deserves a wider stage and a brighter spotlight alongside expanded resources with which to flourish.

The Carol Emmott Fellowship for Women Leaders in Health focuses on building leadership capacities while working across health sectors and developing a rich, lifelong network of collaborators and influencers. We are actively creating a supportive, engaged, and diverse community of remarkable women, providing them with an enriching experience and unique opportunity to transform health for the better.


Why We Exist


Women remain significantly underrepresented at the highest ranks of leadership in health while few programs exist to support, empower, advocate for, and connect women leaders across all sectors of health.

We believe that this current state needs to change. With the Carol Emmott Fellowship, we respond to this important need by providing a program that integrates: