Accelerating the Path Forward for Women as Leaders in Healthcare

We are grateful to Leadership Council Member, Kevin Fickenscher, president and CEO of CREO Strategic Solutions, for this article.

The person who helped me the most, who contributed more to my graduation from medical school than any other, the one who consistently helped me to “focus on the important stuff” during the basic science years – was a fellow medical student.  She was a woman. 

Fellowship Always Evolving

The Carol Emmott Fellowship supports outstanding health leaders as they stretch outside of their usual roles to expand their influence and national visibility. Fellows venture beyond their job descriptions, beyond their institutions, and beyond their existing networks while expanding their leadership capabilities as they move through the 14-month program.  

In Their Words: Professional Development

Carol Emmott Fellows share their insights on the glass ceiling, isolation vs. integration in addressing gender equity, helping rural minority populations, motivating front-line managers and providing support functions with a fresh perspective.