Our Vision is to support outstanding women leaders who have the potential to transform health for all.

The health industry is undergoing vast transformation. New technology and approaches to research, clinical practice, management, and policy are contributing to an ecosystem of health that is more dynamic and accessible than ever before.

Advancing this transformation requires inspired, effective, and engaged leadership at all levels of an organization. Yet significant challenges and barriers remain for even the most capable women leaders seeking to achieve their highest potential.

The Need For the Fellowship

While women constitute the vast majority of mid-level leaders in health, there is a noted shortage of female leadership in the C-suite. Our Fellowship aims to aid and empower women leaders in health in order to bridge the gap and transform health as we know it for good!

Carol’s Story

In her extraordinary career, Carol B. Emmott overcame many challenges as a woman leader, and she was deeply committed to supporting other women leaders. The Fellowship is designed to reflect Carol’s unwavering belief in women.

Significant gender pay gaps exist at every education level. The greatest absolute wage disparity is for physicians.
— San Francisco Chronicle “Tech fueling gender gap in earnings.” February 21, 2016